There is Science in the Supplement World

Professional lines of supplements do work when they are used properly!  They are backed by scientific research.  When used at the correct dose for the right issue supplements are effective.

Not all brands are created equal.  Many have ingredients that are actually "toxic tag-a-longs" such as magnesium stearate.  Why take something that is supposed to help you yet contains an ingredient that is not good for you?

Many times we are not taking what we need in the right amounts to be therapeutically effective.  I can help with that problem.  Access my 25 years of experience and training in the supplement world.  I can help you learn how to read labels, pick the right product and stop wasting money.  The last two decades of helping patients in the pharmacy have given me the knowledge base to create customized protocols for the health issues we all deal with.  Let me help you get the right products.  See the products I prefer and have used with my patients for over two decades.

Simply send me an email with your basic supplement needs and questions. I will reply back with my suggestions and product recommendations.

Yes, I want to purchase professional grade supplemnts!

Nutrition Matters

The first step is always a balanced diet.  I can help with this too.  Simple suggestions and tips to get you back on track.  Nothing drastic, a balanced approach that fits your lifestyle.  I have seen in my career that extreme shifts in diet rarely work.  It is okay to make small changes and build on them.  A little bit over the long haul is better than huge swings in health.   We have all lost 10 pounds just to gain 12 back.  There is a simpler more balanced way to address your eating and lifestyle.

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